Marathon Water Heater

There are very few things today still being made to withstand the test of time. This is one of them. The new Marathon Water Heater. One of the big things people notice about the new Marathon Is all the little things it has. Some things you see right away - like its tough but lightweight polyethylene outer shell. Others don't become apparent until you've owned a Marathon for a while - like the fact that it is incredibly energy efficient - or the value of your Marathon water heater being warranted not to leak for as long as you own your home. Sounds Good. And it is. Dozens of these little touches add up to one thing: real long-term value. So let's take a closer look.

Seamless Polybutylene Tank

Seamless Polybutylene Tank will never rust, corrode or leak. What's more, it is reinforced with precision wound fiberglass for extra strength and durability


Envirofoam Insulation

Envirofoam Insulation completely surrounds the tank. So you get the most efficient water heater on Earth without hurting the planet. In fact, the new Marathon meets EPA standards well into the 21st Century.


Upfront Drain Valve

Upfront and Handy Drain Valve is neatly recessed, so it won't get knocked around by brooms, mops, or vacuums.


Heating Elements

Heating Elements reliably maintain water temperatures inside a Marathon. The top copper element is fused to protect the tank if someone tries to operate it without water. The lower element has a stainless steel sheath and is designed to operate in the harshest environments.    


Bowl-Shaped Tank Bottom

Bowl-Shaped Tank Bottom so you can drain your Marathon more completely.


And More

And More. There are many other little things, our engineers prefer to call innovations, like our factory installed Temperature and Pressure relief valve and our front mounted thermostats for greater accuracy.

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Marathon Water Heater Prices

Model # Size (Gallon Capacity) Price Uniform Energy Factor


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A Dimplex electric fireplace combines traditional fireside comfort and warmth with convenience and savings. SCES offers all-electric fireplaces that give you the beauty of the real thing without the mess, danger, or expense of wood burning fireplaces. In addition, the electric fireplace is available in a variety of styles, plugs into any standard 120 volt wall outlet, and costs just pennies a day to operate.

Models that are easily installed in existing fireplace openings are also available. The flame and heater are completely adjustable and operate independently so you can enjoy attractive flames without the heat year round. Dimplex units are user-friendly and virtually maintenance free. Replacement bulbs are available at any hardware store.

SCES has several fireplaces on display in our lobby. SCES also offers financing that can be added directly to your electric bill. Stop by our office to experience the warmth and beauty of an all electric fireplace or visit for more information.

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Surge Protectors

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Power surges are unpredictable and interruptions in electricity can severely damage or destroy you electronics and major appliances in a matter of seconds. To protect your sensitive electrical household equipment, SCES offers the Tesco Surge Protector. This whole-house residential surge protector is available for $4.95 a month with a 36 month lease and a $25.00 installation fee.

Declared by the American Public Power Association to be the “highest in quality, backed by the best warranty and the best customer service,” the Tesco Surge Protector provides protection at the meter, protecting your entire house from power surges. It is designed for long life even with strong, repeated lightning activity and temporary line over voltage conditions.

Surge protection is only available for qualified residential applications. Tesco Surge Protectors are installed at the meter and cannot prevent damage from power surges subverting the Protector and entering the building by other means of transmission.

Contact a customer service representative for more details.

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