Available Payment Options

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Levelized Billing

Now there’s a way to guard against large fluctuations in your monthly electric bill…without ever having to play “catch-up”. It’s called Levelized Billing and is designed to keep your electric bills affordable every month as long as you remain on the plan. It’s the ideal way to accurately anticipate your monthly electric bill.

Levelized billing makes your electric bill predictable. Your monthly electric bill is a rolling average of your usage for the past 12 months, plus 1/12 of any difference between levelized bills and actual bills. For instance, this month’s bill would be the average electric usage of the previous 11 months and this current month plus 1/12 of any difference between actual and levelized billing.

Because levelized billing uses a rolling average, your monthly bill will vary slightly each month. But because changes in usage are averaged over a 12 month period, there is never a really big bite in the very cold or the very hot months when usage may be high. The only time you have to reconcile is when you decide to leave SCES or you no longer want to participate.

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Beginning / Terminating Service With SCES

New Construction

Sevier County Electric System requires each prospective customer desiring electric service for new construction to:

  1. Sign SCES’s standard application for service contract.
  2. Post a deposit or acceptable guarantor’s agreement.
  3. Pay a service / connection charge.
  4. Sign an easement.
  5. Obtain the necessary state electrical permits. (To be purchased by the person responsible for the electrical work.)
  6. Obtain subsurface sewage system layout from county Health Department.

SCES can install electric service only after satisfactory inspection has been performed by an authorized representative of the Division of Fire Prevention, Department of Insurance, State of Tennessee.

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Deposits & Connection Fees

Connection Fees

Existing Service New Service - Single Phase New Service - Three Phase
Read Meter Only
0 - 225 amp
0 - 225 amp
Non-CT Installations
400 amp
400 - 600 amp
Non-CT After Hours
600 amp
800 amp
CT Installations
CT Inst. After Hours