Marathon Water Heater

There are very few things today still being made to withstand the test of time. This is one of them. The new Marathon Water Heater. One of the big things people notice about the new Marathon Is all the little things it has. Some things you see right away - like its tough but lightweight polyethylene outer shell. Others don't become apparent until you've owned a Marathon for a while - like the fact that it is incredibly energy efficient - or the value of your Marathon water heater being warranted not to leak for as long as you own your home. Sounds Good. And it is. Dozens of these little touches add up to one thing: real long-term value.
So let's take a closer look.

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Seamless Polybutylene Tank

Seamless Polybutylene Tank will never rust, corrode or leak. What's more, it is reinforced with precision wound fiberglass for extra strength and durability

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Envirofoam Insulation

Envirofoam Insulation completely surrounds the tank. So you get the most efficient water heater on Earth without hurting the planet. In fact, the new Marathon meets EPA standards well into the 21st Century.

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Upfront Drain Valve

Upfront and Handy Drain Valve is neatly recessed, so it won't get knocked around by brooms, mops, or vacuums.

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Bowl-Shaped Tank Bottom

Bowl-Shaped Tank Bottom so you can drain your Marathon more completely.

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And More

And More. There are many other little things, our engineers prefer to call innovations, like our factory installed Temperature and Pressure relief valve and our front mounted thermostats for greater accuracy.

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Heating Elements

Heating Elements reliably maintain water temperatures inside a Marathon. The top copper element is fused to protect the tank if someone tries to operate it without water. The lower element has a stainless steel sheath and is designed to operate in the harshest environments.  

Marathon Water Heater Prices

*Tax not included

MR40245 40 $848.00 .92
MR50245 50 $884.00 .91
MSR50245(short) 50 $982.00 .90
MHD85245 85 $1500.00 n/a
MHD105245 105 $1650.00 n/a

SCES also offers financing that can be added directly to your electric bill.