About Power Action Line

Report an Outage


Call the Power Action Line (PAL) 865-774-6300

SCES operators monitor its distribution system 24-hours a day, seven days a week. If you experience an outage, call the Power Action Line, 865-774-6300, and follow the voice prompts to report the outage. When calling from a phone at a location other than the outage location or from a cell phone, be sure to enter the phone number of the affected location. Please do not leave a message unless you’re reporting a downed line or similar emergency. The PAL will call you back when the power has been restored, just to make sure everything is working properly.

Why use the PAL?

The Power Action Line (PAL) is an automated system providing our customers with the fastest, most efficient way to dispatch crews to restore power. The PAL streamlines the reporting and mapping process thus reducing response time immensely. It even calls you back when the power has been restored.

Before the PAL was installed, our dispatchers had to answer phone calls, map the outages, and dispatch the crews. Considering one call can take up to 5 minutes, imagine the man power necessary to handle an outage involving hundreds or possibly thousands of calls. The automated PAL can answer up to 2400 calls per hour and answers multiple calls simultaneously. The PAL then uses your information to map the outage as calls come in from various locations. The system immediately records all the pertinent location and electric distribution system data (i.e. pole number, transformer number, substation, etc.) that our electric distribution system operators need to dispatch crews to your area. This enables SCES to quickly determine where the problem is and begin solving it immediately.

SCES is pleased to offer our customers the most efficient means to restoration of power.


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